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JH-320 Two Station Hot Stamping + Die-Cutting Machine

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1. CNC servo paper-pulling system, which may improve the hot stamping or die-cutting precision up to 0.03mm
2. Simple and easy to operate, nimble application and one-stop operation of automatic feed, membrane fitting ,hot stamping or die cutting ,waste discharge, cooling, etc.
3. Built-in centralized automatic oil supply system, which guarantees printing machines run at high speed without wear-down.
4. Advanced automatic control system, which gets users to freely adjust the setup parameters for automatic non-paper shunt down ,preset shunt down, frequency conversion, velocity modulation, hot stamping or die-cutting speed, sheeting length, etc.

Range of applying: Self-adhesive materials, thin polyester fibre film trademark, PET,PVC,PP,PE, insulating materials, viscose, shielding materials,3M、SONY、NITTO、TEST、PORON and other specially adhesive tape, as well as LED,LCD backlight source, reflective film, astigmatism film, anti-static protection film, black and white double-faced gum, speaker mesh, anti-dust mesh, opaque aluminium foil, prism film, holographic film and so on.

Standard Functions: Automatic feed, fitting, hot stamping or die cutting, waste discharge, CNC servo paper-pulling system, secondary hot stamping or die cutting and sheet cutting;

Standard Accessories: A hot stamping or die-cutting up plate, a hot stamping or die cutting down plate, a unwinder, and a sheet cutting machine;

Optional Functions: Hot stamping device, computer punching device.


Max. Web Width (mm) : 320
Max. Hot Stamping / Die Cutting Size (mm) : 300x300
Max. Hot Stamping / Die Cutting Speed (R.P.M.) : 30~200
Main Driver Motor (KW) : 2.2
Rated Voltage (V) : 220
Machine Size (mm) : 2800x1360x1800
Machine Weight (KG) : 2500


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