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PRS-1500 Heat Transfer Machine

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Specially designed for big hot stamping mark.
C Type structure is steel casting-never deformed & good lasting.
Casting plate with grinding and hard surface.
Both hands push button prevent industrial accident.
Accuracy depth adjustment can be achieve.
The level of heater is easily and fast adjusted.
Foil feeder with special motor rotates very accurately.
The machine can be easily moved by the working table with wheels.
To control sequence with three timers : Press / Delay / Foil Feed. The adjustment is easily as ones pleases and accuracy.
Suitable for big hot-stamping mark like PVC cover, document clips, plastic wares, wooden make-up, etc.


Roller Size (mm) - ID60mm x OD250mm x L300mm
Work Table - 450mm x 1800mm,
Efficient Area - 300mm x 1500mm
Stroke of Roller - 60mm
Stroke of Working Table - 100mm
Power - 415V, 3PH
Heater Tube - 400Wx12pcs
Temperature - 0 ~ 400C
Roller Driver - Motor
Foil Tension Controller - OPC-10(OGURA)
Air Pressure - Air Compressor More Than 1HP
Machine Size - L325cmxW135cmxH220cm
Packing Weight - 2,500 kg


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