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ACFS-5 Air Operating Auto Hot Stamping Machine With Timer Continue Operation & Slide Table

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Specially designed for small and medium hot stamping mark.
FC 25 structure is steel casting-never deformed & good lasting.
Cylinder connecting toggle link and spindle system fine precision & silent mechanical motion.
3 timer operating system-time for pressure time, delaying & foil rolling which can be easily adjustable with accuracy & high precision.
Special design for foil rolling system-easily adjustable and accuracy on length.
Single toggle link design with fine precision up to 5000 kg pressure & less friction loss.
Adaptable to other accessories & automatic production.
Special design modified heater temperature up to 400 C with embossing affect.
Suitable for small and medium hot-stamping mark like PVC cover, document clips, leather-carve, plastic wares, wooden make-up, paper etc.


Maximum Pressure - 5000 kg
Impression Area - 200 x 270mm or 230 x 330mm
Maximum Head Stroke - 70mm
Depth of Throat - 300mm
Maximum Opening - 300mm
Work Table - 380 x 450mm
Foil Rolling Device - 0~400mm
Net Weight - 360 kg
Machine Size WxLxH(cm) - 80x70x150
Packing Weight - 400 kg
Packing Dimension WxLxH(cm) - 95x95x160


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