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TYMK-1100 Hot Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

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This TYMK series foil hot stamping and die cutting machine is new type high precision machine for hot stamping and die cutting various hot stamping foil, press concave-convex, die cutting label, catalogue, paper box, book cover, invitation letter and new year card etc. It is suitable for various materials such as paper, paperboard, plastic sheet, leather etc, It is a ideal machine to improve the grade of materials such as printing, packaging and plastic.
Main Features:
1. High strength due to one piece casting by using top quality materials for machine body.
2. Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
3. Operation height is reasonable designed, moving-bed opens to its optimum.
4. Single, continuous operation and opening dwell. Dwell range is adjustable.
5. Electric system is according to IEC standard.
6. Safety system is reliable.
7. Center lubricating system makes the machine long lasting.


Effective area of flat platen : 1100mm x 800mm(43x31.5)
Area of large lettering platen : 1000mm x 750mm(39x29.5)
No. of Foil Feed Device Motor : 3 sets
No .of Foil Rewinding : 3 sets
No. of Temperature Controllers : 3 sets
Total electro thermal power : 9kw
Adjustable range of temperature : 1-199C
Continuous lettering speed : 20 strokes/min
Common foil feeding : 1- 800mm
Times of skip : 1-99
Resolution of foil feeding : 1mm
Motor data : 4kw/6 series
Power Voltage : 3 Phase 380V
Machine weight : 4800kg
Packaging size(LxWxH) : 2020 x 2070 x 2010mm


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